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Martin Thompson Archives - A Future Without




Its that time again! We very proud to be bringing you this FREE EP with an exclusive track from the truly marvelous Lund Quartet, the iconic Emily Breeze, the heartwarming sounds of Toyface, beautifully crafted Blue Note esk Jazz from Giles Barratt and The kino Orchestra Experience as well as a bit of Sparky Smith!

Big thanks to Martin Thompson for the amazing photograph you can check out more from him at


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Adrian Utley (Portishead) ‘Music for Massed Guitars’ Pt 2

Here are the photos from Music for Massed guitars by Adrian Utley. Sixty guitars playing in unison conducted by Charles Hazelwood at Bristols Colston Hall on the 18th September 2009. A Future Withouts Kabuki Mono, KAHN and Will Plowman were lucky enough to be part of this great project. There will be a video of the event very soon!

Photography by Martin Thompson


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