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With Joyful Lips With Joyful Lips With Joyful Lips

By a future without

On 12, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without

With Joyful Lips

The creative hands behind With Joyful Lips is UK based artist Keith Vaz. He produces and performs music live, films music videos & cinematic shorts, creates artist album-cover artworks, writes & films journalistic articles, and captures photographs. Know also as the guitarist of Planet Mu’s live-band Tropics and for collaborating with the up and coming producer Asa.

Every piece of With Joyful Lips music is a gift of delicately manufactured art, intoxicated with intricate layers & themes running throughout. With many ambitious works still to be revealed, stay close for With Joyful Lips’ approaching projects.

With Joyful Lips – Oneironautics EP OUT NOW.