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Will Plowman – Ahamay Grove Will Plowman – Ahamay Grove Will Plowman – Ahamay Grove

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By a future without

On 11, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In | By a future without

Will Plowman – Ahamay Grove

After a long break from releasing his last EP Will Plowman A Future Without’s Co owner returns with four tracks of crafted experimental piano. Limited 10″ special origami vinyl OUT NOW!!!

Purchase 10″ vinyl with origami sleeve here

Make your digital purchase here.

Ranging from the grand Steinways of Dartington Collage of Arts to the household piano of Adrian Utley the location and environment were always key in determining the outcome of the original improvisations. Often allowing the sonics and atmosphere of that environment to be as important as the piano itself. The project is based around four piano improvisations in four different locations and uses a variety of recording techniques that were later worked and molded into finished compositions.

Will Plowman’s work is essentially about capturing a certain moment in time and his personal reflection on that moment and space. This then allows the listener to both, reflect upon these captured moments and to reflect on their own personal moments as the tracks get absorbed into a brand new sonic environment.

‘Feel like I’ve been cleansed by the tranquil tones. Soothing warm piano immersed in the most luscious dusty, scratchy soundscape. This is serious sound healing. Music for airports used to put me to sleep when I was wee boy and this gave me the same feeling. It doesn’t sound like it, it just exists in that plane where your body is washed by sound.’ – Chocky

Special thanks to for making the sleeve a reality.