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By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without


Vessel aka Sebastian Gainsborough is an accomplished Bristol based musician and producer having previously released EPs with Left Blank & Astro:Dynamics. He also collaborates with Kahn under the name Baba Yaga and is part of Young Echo a group of very talented up and coming Bristol producers.

His EP ‘Wax Dance’ is an account of movement, physical twitches implied by the motion of sound. This EP was fed on the flesh of funk, soul, house and sounds concerned with physicality which transcends into deep cutting edge bass music. The EP was written over 5 days with the intention to communicate something instinctive and rough, something that much of contemporary dance music has abandoned in favor of perfection.

‘Bristol producer Vessel is among a new generation of producers pushing the city’s electronic music forward’ The Quietus

Vessel Wax Dance OUT NOW