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Sam Kidel Sam Kidel

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without

Sam Kidel

From an early age, Sam has obsessed over music, drawing energy from a wide variety of genres, and growing increasingly interested in genres that explore unfamiliar sound-worlds.

‘String Loops’ is constructed entirely of loops originating from electric guitar but digitally transformed to create something more dream-like. The listener is lead through a range of soundscapes of varying density and dynamism, some tempestuous, others delicate and lyrical.

Sam’s most considered and cohesive work so far, ‘String Loops’ is a piece that may not reveal its full potential to the unengaged listener, but rewards those who give it space and attention.

Kidel is also part of the infamous ‘Young Echo’ With Kahn, Vessel, Zhou and Jabu.

Sam Kidel – String Loops OUT NOW