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Pilote Pilote Pilote

By a future without

On 13, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without


Mr Stuart Cullen is a composer,producer and multi instrumentalist who has been working in the field of electronic music and,more recently,folk and country music,since 1998.
Starting out on Brighton’s Curor label,before being signed to South London’s Certificate 18, Mr Cullen’s ‘Pilote’ project has been on the go for nigh on 12 years,releasing five albums and multiple singles and EP’s in that time, gleefully skipping  between the genres causing confused record store owners to file him under everything from Drum and Bass to Ambient, Soundtrack to 2Step.

He was a founder member of Brighton’s seminal Fly Casual label and has also provided remixes for the likes of Turin Brakes,Fujiya and Miyagi,Fiona Soe Paing and, more recently, A Lazarus Soul and The Kinder.
His work has been used on various film, TV and documentary projects including several series’ of reknowned mindbender  Derren Brown, Brazilian crime caper ‘O Homem Do Ano‘ as well as the US version of the hit C4 show ‘Queer as Folk’ and Canadian travel documentary ‘Departures‘. One tune has even provided the soundtrack to a pair of mating gazelle………

The sixth Pilote album entitled ‘The Slowdown’ will be out in the summer of 2013. A heady blend of country and blues guitar, lush soundscapes, vocal tomfoolery and rhythmical trickery, ‘The Slowdown’ will be released on CD and MP3 by London label Microspiral. Mr Cullen will once again be bringing his notoriously befuddling DJ sets to the masses over the summer, whilst preparing a live show for later in the year.

Pilote – Mudah Pecah OUT NOW