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Jessie Moncrieff Jessie Moncrieff Jessie Moncrieff

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without

Jessie Moncrieff

Jessie is a violin player from the coastal town of Fremantle in Australia. She took up singing and writing songs whilst traveling Europe in 2008 and eventually settled in London after spending a year tracing her family roots back to Birmingham, England. She currently plays with a wonderful band featuring Bobby Williams, Iain Ross, Natasha Kraemer and Helen Kruger. The group have been performing Jessie’s songs in small venues and house concerts around London and are currently focused on recording a new album together.

Jessie’s first EP was released by the label A Future Without in 2010 with the title track Georgie, as well as the beautifully arranged Mind’s Eye, included on a number of compilation records including one for the lovely Folk Room collective based in London. Alongside her own group Jessie plays with Cambridge-based band Gerard and the Watchmen. The Watchmen appeared at Cambridge Folk Festival, Secret Garden Party, The Royal Albert Hall and a number of music festivals around Europe last year. They are currently recording a new album.

Jessie Moncrief – Georgie OUT NOW

Songs From The Shed.