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Emu Emu

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without


Much like the bird species in their hunt to find food, EMU has traveled far and wide for inspiration in his music.
Inspired by sample based musicians such as Blackalicious, UNKLE, Bent and Royksopp he took his hand to the art of crate digging. In search for loops and drum breaks to incorporate into his music, the local charity shops soon became his new found stomping ground.

EMU’s first release came on aspiring electronic label ‘Benchbeat’. With his ‘b-side’ remix of Oceanique’s ‘Cathedrale Sainte Marie’ being compared to works of Bonobo Dan felt very flattered. Of course at a young age all is to prove in his debut EP titled ‘White Kites & Cannonballs’.

Emu – White Kites & Cannonballs OUT NOW