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Dominic James Jaeckle

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without

Dominic James Jaeckle

The precedent for Dominic’s work has always been a writerly one; he is predominantly interested in the craft of a song than anything else in its make up. His exist, to him, more as poems than anything else: the music then stands to flesh out the language of the songs, adding meat to the bones of the verses. Jaeckle’s keenness is in the poetry of it.

The ‘Goodnight you Dogs’ EP is a selection of songs written between the ages of 16 and 19, and upon relocating to from Bristol to London in 2009, I played with these regularly around the city alongside an array of poets, artists, and writers of all breeds. The EP represents an effort to encapsulate the intimacy of these shows, the empty rooms, and provoking the feeling of the room in which the songs were recorded. Growing up in Bristol, Dominic listened religiously to Cohen, to Dylan, to Jansch, and these touchstones provided him with a language he aimed to echo.

Jaeckle also runs a poetry press: Faithless Arm, publishing new work by new writers [].

Dominic James Jaeckle – Goodnight You Dogs OUT NOW