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Diarmo Diarmo Diarmo

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without


Diarmo, the solo project of Diarmuid Slattery, producer, Dj and musician producing deep electronic music, taking influences from various styles. His DJ/Live sets blend a mix of deep minimal techno, house, bass. Diarmo has released a number of EP’s, while also having tracks appear on compilations world wide.

Recent activities include collaborating on material with Tokyo musician Kuroi Mori, for Kurois forth-coming album Child’s Hill officially released in Japan, also creating sound designs for visual artists Istvan Laszlo, Sonny sanjay Vadgama and a live audio/visual collaboration project with Laurie Bender.

In 2012 Diarmo started up the label Basilar Records. You can catch his DJ sets on his fortnightly radio show “Vibrant Sound” on Shoreditch Radio.

Diarmo – I Am A Visitor Here OUT NOW