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Chewy Benson Chewy Benson Chewy Benson Chewy Benson

By a future without

On 15, Mar 2013 | In | By a future without

Chewy Benson

Chewy Benson slipped in out of no where with his debut release “Asleep In The Hills” (Rejectone 2009). Constructed in the shadows of Thwaites Brewery Blackburn and recorded in the junk shops and back alleys that surround, it took a Japanese label to deliver it to the world. The Saatchi Gallery Magazine Art And Music soon caught on, films were commissioned and played. Now he brings you his brand new ‘Indian Type Briton’ EP.

Red bricks, slate roof with broken chimney stack in grey blue light of 5am; last gasp of autumn morning. You can see your breath like smoke in the air. Victorian blue plaque memories, two turn tables and a well cut suit. Al Bowlly and beats. Sequenced found noise field recordings that crunch and split. Voices from another time, lifted and placed with care into the quiet places all towns have. The grey areas between what things are, and what they could be if you squint. iPod film soundtracks for films I make with my eyes on the journey to work. Willfully skewed, resisting pop music with closed arms/open mind. Angular and fragile at the same time, one man dreaming of big bands with 808s, Hip Hop in brogues, defiantly small town, defiantly big sound. Home made arts and crafts with sequencers. Each stitch a sample.

Chewy Benson – Indian Type Briton OUT NOW