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52 Commercial Road 52 Commercial Road 52 Commercial Road

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By a future without

On 13, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By a future without

52 Commercial Road

52 Commercial Road are a post-rock group from London, England who began in 2003. Formed in the bedrooms of five close
friends, at seventeen they found they all held uncommon musical interests and influences. And so began learning their craft together to make the music they longed to hear.

Eventually finding a more suitable home amongst London’s activist and squatting scene, they refined their creative instincts in the abandoned structures from where they eventually took their name. 52 Commercial Road signified a place of shared experience, youth, hedonism, freedom and an existence outside of mainstream culture. It has come to define and represent a collective memory, of transience, identity and politicisation.

Gigging extensively in occupied spaces, such asĀ  car show-rooms, universities, factories, shops, warehouses, clubs, pubs and houses for various social and political causes as well as the obligatory venue circuit, they gained a reputation for taking listeners on immersive and introspective journeys.

Whilst in the process of recording their 1st full length album, the line up was often subject to change but the core of the band continued and evolved, taking in new members and influences finding a new maturity. The self titled piece was produced, manufactured and released independently in 2008.

In 2010 they set about recording a 2nd Album at the prestigious Eastcote studios. Initial sessions there with engineer Sam Navel proved so fruitful that they managed to complete the project in September of the same year. The band organised a special launch night for their album ‘A Wreck Provides An Excellent Foundation’ producing 120 individually designed sleeves, and in suitably fitting manner, resisted the eviction of the venue. The album has since gained critical acclaim, generating interest and sales in the UK, Europe, North/South America and Asia.

Off the back of playing numerous parties and festivals in the UK and Europe, the band have built up a strong following of
dedicated fans.

52 Commercial Road – A Wreck Provides An Excellent Foundation OUT NOW