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52 Commercial Road – Communion

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By a future without

On 11, Nov 2013 | No Comments | In | By a future without

52 Commercial Road – Communion

OUT NOW! ‘Communion’ is the third album by London based instrumental group 52 Commercial Road recorded in Paris between January and May 2013. The album began life as the score for ‘Communion’ the motion picture by ‘Broke But Making Films’

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a revenge thriller from critically acclaimed award winning

Director Greg Hall. Following the completion of the film score, the music evolved and was embellished to stand as a piece of work with its own character.

The band teamed up with producer Sam Navel with whom they had worked extensively on the previous album ‘A Wreck Provides an Excellent Foundation’ which was recorded in Eastcote studios, London and released in November 2010. ‘Communion’ is constructed from sessions in 4 different studios and encompasses a variety of techniques and approaches.

52 Commercial Road have been causing quite a stir on the Post Rock scene for a number of years now. They’ve gigged extensively in occupied spaces, such as disused car show-rooms, factories, shops, warehouses, clubs, universities and houses for various social and political causes as well as the obligatory venue circuit. Recently completing a very successful US tour they gained a reputation for taking listeners on immersive and introspective journeys.


“Communion is a truly excellent movie in every conceivable way. It’s beautifully shot, magnificently enacted and has a musical score that simultaneously leads us on the path of understanding, only to veer us off course.”

Communion – Film trailer

For more information about the film visit