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AFW – 11YRS Limited Tape Compilation

On 17, Aug 2018 | No Comments | In News | By a future without

A Future Without is 11!!!

We are celebrating this achievement through a compilation covering 11 years of music that has been released on A Future Without. We are releasing two very special and very limited tape compilations (36 per cassette). Each tapes sleeve is created out of a unique analogue photograph, taken by us of places around Bristol, with a hand stamped wooden spine and a clip to hold it all in place.

We’ve been honoured to work with a huge amount of talented artists over the years and we would like to thank everyone who has supported us.

This compilation also includes exclusive and unreleased tracks from Zhou, schnuli, Qman1, Kabuki Mono, Achilles as well as a new collaboration from label owners Ross Tones & Will Plowman under the guise of Swaabi Maa.

TAPE 1 & 2 BUY HERE!!!

The compilation is also available on all digital platforms…